"Better Following” March & April’s Sermon Series


March 21st – 12:15p Love Under the Bridge 3103 Hickory Street Dallas, TX 75226

                                  Overseer Maiden will be preaching


March 30th – 7p Leadership Meeting


*You still have time to pay your Diocese Representation of $10


*All Ministry Leaders please give your meeting time and date to Overseer Maiden as soon as possible.


April 2nd – 12noon Virtual Good Friday Service Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church. Overseer Maiden will be preaching on the 4th word.


April 4th – 10a Easter/Holy Communion

April 15th – 16th – Virtual National Council Meeting

April 27th – 7p Leadership Meeting


May 1st ~ ALL National Monies Due


National Representations:

Bishops: $300

Overseers: $250

Pastors: $200

Elders: $150

Consecrated Missionaries: $150

Ministers: $125

Licensed Missionaries: $125

Deacons: $115

Adults:(25-84) $110

Adults:(85+) $50

College Students: (19-24) $30

Youth:(18&under) $25






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